A Lil’ Self-Care Never Hurt Nobody…

Now that things are slowly easing up on the lockdown, it’s time to GET A MOVE ON from our bed and HIT PAUSE on the Netflix binging! We’re not ~crazy~ gym-goers, but y’all know that we like to keep ourselves in shape (DUH – it’s SUMMER & we wanna hit the beach)! But to us, staying in shape doesn’t just mean running and working out 24/7 – we’re talking about self-care, too! Of course it includes the occasional nap and a little bit of decompression here ‘n’ there, but we also gotta drink our veggies (HELLOOOO, juicing!), do a little at-home pampering, followed by a fun photoshoot 😆, and the best part, unwind with the fam!

What’s your fave self-care ritual? Leave us a comment!!


Lulu y Lala