Elyfer Torres is in the HOUSE!

Be & love who you are – SUCH AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE! And one that our latest 103.5 KTU guest, Elyfer Torres, will not let you or us forget! Elyfer joined us in the virtual studio and told us all the deets – from her incredible role as Betty in the telenovela “Betty en New York” & the power of being a woman, to her childhood crush & take on what considers “freelance” acting!

It was so much fun getting to chat with someone as talented & inspirational as Elyfer… Honestly, we could go on & ON, but how ‘bout you check out the full interview instead?!


Lulu y Lala  

P.S. Elyfer told us we look like Selena Quintanilla (!!!!!!!). Just when we didn’t think we could love her more…