Sending Love Letters from Pixinity

Hey, lovelies! It’s Lulu y Lala sending you guys ALL the L-O-V-E! We wanted to bring a little splash of COLOR & share some pics with ya’ll from one of our FAVE photoshoots this past fall (you know… when we were able to go out and do things)! Right in the middle of SoHo, we had an absolute blast playing & posing in all ten pixelated rooms at immersive art pop-up Pixinity NYC – especially the ball pit! As you might have guessed, we’re kids at heart! 

Sadly, the pop-up is no longer open 🙁 so hopefully, if you’re reading this, you had a chance to visit! Check out some of our favorite selects from the shoot here and check them out on social media! 



Lulu y Lala